MREI - Renewable Energy Interconnect

"Delivering Clean Energy for New England"

Regional Need

Maine enjoys the most extensive and reliable wind resource available to the New England market, and Maine has direct access to significant hydropower resources. Developers have recognized the potential of the wind resource: currently about 1,300 megawatts (MW) of wind is in operation or in the planning, permitting or construction phase across the state. Limitations in the existing transmission system currently constrain the feasibility of bringing this generation capacity to the New England market and thus helping to meet the renewable energy requirements of the New England states. MREI proposes to connect Maine‚Äôs renewable resources to central Maine and the ISO-New England grid.

By creating new transmission capacity, MREI eliminates constraints on the existing lines to ensure that clean energy will enter the ISO-NE transmission system. It is the connection that has been missing between southern New England and northern Maine's supply of renewable energy. MREI expands and strengthens the transmission system in New England to create a more reliable and resilient grid, and allows substantial opportunities for new energy sources, providing greater system security.

MREI is a cost effective and low-impact way to deliver clean energy to the region. Clean energy will enter the market sooner, and residential, commercial and industrial customers can benefit from lower energy costs.