MREI - Renewable Energy Interconnect

"Delivering Clean Energy for New England"

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Project Description

MREI is a transmission solution for delivery of clean energy to New England, is sponsored by Central Maine Power and Emera Maine (and has included commitments from renewable energy generators whose clean energy requires access to transmission in order to distribute this clean power to customers.) MREI will provide the region with the “Qualified Clean Energy” being requested in order for the region to meet its clean energy requirements.

Maine has significant renewable resources that can help the New England states reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By utilizing existing rights-of-way and transmission infrastructure wherever possible, MREI provides a cost-effective solution that will deliver clean energy to the region, enough to power more than a quarter of a million homes each year.

MREI creates economic value for the entire region by stabilizing prices through greater energy security and supply diversity; relieving existing transmission constraints and providing access to more cost-effective power; creating jobs and new tax revenue to support a healthier economy in New England; and lowering greenhouse gas emissions in the region by replacing fossil fuel generation with renewable resources.

In your community

The people who live in the communities along the MREI route are very important stakeholders. We will maintain regular contact with each of these communities once the project is underway by hosting community meetings during the permitting phase, and engaging in ongoing communication throughout the construction phase. This website will be updated regularly with progress reports and project information that communities will find useful. In addition, the hotline offers the chance to speak with someone on our project team directly.



Using more renewable energy means an improvement in air quality. In addition to delivering clean energy, MREI builds on existing transmission corridors, providing an environmentally responsible solution.


Construction & Vendors

Like other projects CMP and Emera Maine have built, MREI will provide local construction jobs. Whenever possible, local contractors, subcontractors and vendors will be provided information about the project in order to bid on providing services.